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Use Vendor Funded Marketing To Go To International Conferences

Last time, we talked about whisking away your preferred clients to Silicon Valley to immerse them in the latest technology that you want to sell to them. But did you know that vendor funded marketing could also enable you to take your clients to global conferences? You read that right. Your vendor can cover the costs of this otherwise costly opportunity. This is a fun aspect of vendor funded marketing of which most people are unaware but it is a stunning way to ensure that the end user will learn more about the technology available to them. It is up to you as the reseller to take them to these educational conferences.

The fun doesn’t have to stop with your clients.

You as the reseller may also have the opportunity to attend launches and conferences of your vendors. You could even take your sales team with you so that they, too, will learn more about the new products that they will ultimately sell to your customers. This is a fantastic way to develop their skills and their knowledge. Since better skills mean better service and more sales, you can clearly see the benefit of attending these global conferences. Remember, sell more and receive more vendor funding

Here at The Marketing Hub, we know vendor funded marketing inside and out. We are fully aware of the rules and we know how to abide by them. We stick like glue to the timeframes outlined by the vendors. And we have learned some of the small, hidden ways for a reseller to optimise their vendor funding. In short, if you have a question surrounding vendor funded marketing, then get in touch with us by using the form on the Contact Us page. We will be glad to help you to reach the true potential of your business.


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