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Use Vendor Funded Marketing To Set Up A Demo Centre

Have you ever walked into a store where they sell computers or smartphones and then idly fiddled around with the products on display? Well, we are just the same as you! The fact of the matter is that human beings are curious about anything new. We examine it in an attempt to see if it will be exactly the smartphone or laptop to fulfil all of our needs. It would be a shame to invest money into something that does not fit our exact criteria, wouldn’t it? So idly fiddle away at the demo centres because that is what they are there for!

So How About Your Customers?
Remember, most people need to take something out for a test drive before they buy. Your customers are no different. If you do not have a demo centre up and running yet, then make a plan right away. After all, you are trying to sell your products, and once your clients test your products for free, they will feel better informed and a sale is one step closer.

But Who Will Pay For All Of This?
Most people do not realise that the smartphones and laptops they idly fiddle around with at demo centres are not actually stock taken out of the box by the store manager out of desperation to move the rest of the product. Those smartphones and laptops are paid for by (we think by now you might have guessed) the vendors themselves.

If you are following this article series on vendor funded marketing, you will have possibly noticed that a demo centre paid for by your vendors is just one of the many practical uses for vendor funds. Marketing can be exhilarating if you do not have to worry about a tiny budget all the time. Isn’t it time for you to create your marketing strategy and tap into these funds? If the answer is yes, then click here to get in touch with us.


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