Our Services

The Marketing Hub’s Service Offerings

The Marketing Hub provides these services either by managing a full end to end marketing program, or on a project basis depending on the need of the client. Certain clients have a need for a ‘part time’ marketing manager type service while others might just need a research project managed or an event planned.

Below is the basket of services that are offered by the Marketing Hub through an extended network of tried and tested marketing specialists.

The Hub Model

The design point of the Marketing Hub Is to provide a central point of contact for all marketing and related services, where we work with a client to provide an all-encompassing marketing solution by drawing on the expertise and proven skills of a network of specialist marketing service providers.

These specialists are able to provide their expertise in a professional way while you the customer will be freed of these tasks allowing you more flexibility to focus on your core business activities while ensuring that your brand grows consistently over time.


This is a menu of service projects that are available from the Marketing Hub: