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Is there ROI in running virtual events?

This is a question our clients ask us a lot, and here’s the answer…

Heck, yes!

The numbers don’t lie – virtual events cost up to 95% less to run and host than physical ones! And they attract hundreds of delegates from around the world – try doing that with a live event.

Here’s a first-hand example:
The Marketing Hub is hosting a Marketing Virtual Event experience in two weeks’ time. We decided to invite our customers and share it with our connections on LinkedIn.

So far, we have 400 registrations from 311 companies across 22 Countries.


What a statistic to be able to see at a click of a button. It’s going to be a gathering of amazing minds from across the globe!
Based on our 20 years’ experience in the marketing and events field, we can confidently say that if we were to run this kind of global marketing event at a Convention Centre in Johannesburg for example, with 50 international and 350 local guests, an exhibition hall and exhibits, it would cost in the region of R5.4 million – or around USD $400k – to host physically!

In the virtual world, we can execute this event and deliver the same powerful content and networking for a fraction of the cost. In fact, with the money we save, we could run a global virtual marketing event every year for the next 20 years!

Think of it this way – because of the logistics and costs involved, we would hardly ever consider hosting a global physical event of this nature. But, with our Virtual Experience, we can connect globally, effectively – and affordably!

Your organisation can do the same.

So don’t delay – there are only two weeks to go! Book your seat at our Virtual Event Experience to see what’s possible for your business.


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