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Why You Need A Holistic Approach When It Comes To Marketing

“Different strokes for different folks.”
– Origin Unknown

You know the old saying… well; you have just read it so we won’t repeat it. What works for one type of customer will not bring in the same results for another. We are all as different as we are the same. Some people will engage via the electronic medium; some people will engage on a telephone conversation; some people may want a face-to-face meeting; some people will want to read a brochure, and then there are those will want to come to a conference that you are presenting. This is exactly why you need a holistic approach when it comes to marketing.

Marketing Mix
If you have done a fair amount of research into marketing, you will possibly have run into the term “marketing mix,” a term that has been in use since the 60s. We can talk at length about the 4 Ps: place, price, product, promotion, and then the 7 Ps, which are the original four but with people, physical environment, and process thrown into the mix. However, if you grasp what we say in the first paragraph, learn more about the various marketing dimensions available to your company, and then seamlessly incorporate each element into one campaign, you will not even need to learn the Ps off by heart. What a relief, right?

A Holistic Approach Removes Unneeded Stress
We are all too stressed as it is, so if you can remove some of your daily stress completely, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Of course you would. Unless you absolutely love to feel overwhelmed at all times. So how does a holistic approach help you on your road to tranquillity? If you ask this question, then you are fortunate enough to have never experienced working as a team but in silos. Thabo completed one task, Hillary another, and Thandi did her thing as well. But when you bring it all together, you will notice the gaps. It may sound as if there are multiple voices speaking and they are not saying the same thing. Even worse, would be for you have to phone around from department to department to find out who was responsible for the brochures. With a holistic approach, everyone works as a team and knows exactly what they need to say. Your marketing will sound as if one person is speaking and the message will be clear.

Vendor Funded Marketing Will Help You
You may say, “Hold on, this article is part of your vendor funded marketing series, right?” Yes, it is indeed. You can use vendor funds for your new approach to marketing. In fact, planning your marketing with a holistic approach is key to a great marketing strategy and, as you know by now, this will increase your chances of securing vendor funds in the first place.

As The Marketing Hub, we understand all of these dimensions of marketing and can do all of them. We prefer a holistic approach to marketing above any other approach, and we strongly advise all of our clients to approach us right from the start. We can even help our clients with the much-needed vendor funding. If that sounds like a winning scenario to you, then click here and fill out our form so that we can contact you.


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