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Use Vendor Funded Marketing For Skills Development

CFO: What happens if we train them and they leave?
CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?

You’ve probably seen this little gag before. Has this conversation ever been heard in your boardroom? As you know, skills development is any company’s social responsibility and it will help your BBBEE score at the same time. In fact, skills development is one of the easiest ways to improve your BBBEE score. It’s a win/win for your company and for your employees. Yes, your employees are able to defect but, in the end, your company helped them to achieve their own personal goals. Doesn’t that count for something: To not only make a difference in the lives of your clients but also in the lives of those who worked for you?

We previously mentioned how you can afford to take clients and employees to overseas data centres and global conferences by using your vendor funded marketing and, as we already said, the hidden benefit of this is the fact that your employees will learn more about the products they sell in a truly unique environment. This enables them to sell with confidence and deliver a better service for your customers through internal enablement and training. And remember, the more they sell, the more vendor funded marketing you will receive. At the end of the day, you might even find that these employees will stick with you. After all, you are going places and you show that you will take them with you.

Here at The Marketing Hub, we know vendor funded marketing inside and out. We are fully aware of the rules and we know how to abide by them. We stick like glue to the timeframes outlined by the vendors. And we have learned some of the small, hidden ways for a reseller to optimise their vendor funding. In short, if you have a question surrounding vendor funded marketing, then get in touch with us by using the form on the Contact Us page. We will be glad to help you to reach the true potential of your business.


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