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When Internal Resources Are Not Enough

Picture this scenario: You have reached the end of the day and feel exhaustion creeping in. You look at all the tasks you have ticked off on your to-do list and feel accomplished. But then you notice the one task you have allocated to yourself: explore vendor funded marketing. You have no doubt read all of our articles around this useful avenue to procure the necessary marketing funds for your business to thrive in this economy. You have seen the abundance of benefits that we have listed and know that vendor funded marketing is the perfect fit for your business. But you would also love to go home, maybe see the family for once, and you move vendor funded marketing to tomorrow’s to-do list—yet again! Maybe you have the luxury of an internal marketing team. Surely they would be able to look into this for you! And so you move the to-do from your list to theirs.

Vendor Funded Marketing Rules Are Complex – Do You Have The Resources to Upskill Your Internal Marketing Team?

There is one thing we know well—vendor funded marketing is complex yet achievable but only if you know the ins and the outs. There are numerous rules as we have mentioned in a previous article. Does your internal marketing team know vendor funded marketing? If yes, then that is wonderful. But if no, then you will have to upskill them first and, given that they also have numerous tasks to perform every single day, you might ask too much of them.

There Are Not Enough Hours In A Day To Do It Alone

If your internal marketing team cannot handle the request to study vendor funded marketing, then the to-do shuffles right back to your daily list. In this scenario, a week has passed and your internal marketing team didn’t pull through for you. You are back to square one and a week of fruitless endeavours taunts you from the to-do list. The cold, harsh reality steps in: you do not have the necessary tools that a vendor funded marketing proposal demands from you. Most of all, you do not have the time.

Do not remove that valuable to-do from your list. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Rather partner with the marketing company that has a 100% success rate when it comes to vendor funded marketing claims. Contact us by filling out the form found here.


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