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The More You Invest, The More You Get

If you invest nothing, the reward is worth little.

– Richelle E. Goodrich

South African companies constantly need to improve their employees, especially our previously disadvantaged employees. Not only is this uplifting to those who need to support their families and need to aspire to a bright future, it is also good for the country’s economy. Additionally, it is good for your company and no, we’re not only talking about your B-BBEE score right now.

The More You Invest in Your Staff, The More You Sell

Who are you more likely to buy from: A salesperson who looks stumped at a basic question or a salesperson who can list the benefits of a product and then highlight two other products that will outperform the one about which you asked?

The answer is simple. If you improve the skills of your employees, they will be better equipped to sell your products. They will show a complete grasp of the technology and impress your customers into buying, especially when they show off how the product will benefit the customer. This will undoubtedly lead to more sales. And, as we already know, more sales lead to more vendor funded marketing.

The More You Invest in Your Staff, The More Vendor Funded Marketing You Get

Vendors are impressed by resellers who bring their A-game. If you show that you are so serious about sales that you are willing to train your staff, you will move to a higher tier in the vendor funded marketing ladder. This, as you should know, means that more marketing funds will be made available to you—all because you have invested in your staff.

We have never had a vendor funded marketing claim rejected and this is because we are fully committed to understanding the system in its entirety. So if you need more information about vendor funded marketing, you know that you will receive the right advice when you talk to The Marketing Hub. Click here to get in touch.


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