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vendor funded marketing precision

Be Accurate And Precise Or It Will Cost You

Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous when the margin of error is small.
– Donald Rumsfeld

Vendor funded marketing can be quite intimidating. We have personally met with quite a few resellers who are afraid of putting out their bowl to catch the gold raining down from vendors. Some do not even know where to begin, others are fully aware of the pitfalls and know that the rules are strict and can cause a claim to fall through if even only one of said rules is not observed. If you work with the assumption that your marketing budget is larger than you can afford, then vendor funded marketing feels like a gamble—a gamble with the money of your business. You’ve put hard work into your business and do not want to see it fold because you took a major risk without a partner who could have helped you every step of the way.

And That Is Where The Marketing Hub Comes Into Play

We know the vendor funded marketing rules so well by now that it feels as though we wrote them ourselves. And we even know the individual rules of each major vendor. You read that right: every vendor has their own set of rules with which you have to comply. For example Vendors may not want to be associated with alcohol or gambling. In other words, hosting a marketing event in a casino is a big no-no. You will also need to know which vendors do not want to be marketed with another vendor.. You have to be as precise and accurate as you possibly can or it will cost you. And the one way you can do that is to team up with the right people.

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