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Marketing that Doesn’t Cost You

Money coming in says I’ve made the right marketing decisions.

– Adam Osborne

Marketing can be costly but, by now, you know all about Vendor Funded Marketing for IT resellers. You can fund your marketing events and campaigns solely by using the money you receive as Vendor Funded Marketing. But as soon as you find out that some vendors only contribute 50% of your budget, you could feel as though I have been lying to you about funding your marketing completely on someone else’s dime. No, I haven’t. I only tell you the truth. In fact, I want to tell you a small but sure-fire way to ensure that you can fund your marketing events and campaigns with no cost to yourself.

More Than One Vendor

If your vendor funds 50% of your marketing, do not despair. Because the other 50% can come from a different vendor. For instance, if you have two vendors with complimentary technologies, they could each fund 50% thus giving you 100% funding towards your activity.

Beware! Don’t Be Caught Without a Plan!

Vendor Funded Marketing is a simple process but there is an element of risk involved. You have to comply with the rules set by each and every vendor to whom you apply. If you do not understand the rules and strictly adhere to them, the vendor will not pay out the money you were banking on.

Be bold, know the rules, and apply if you are eligible. Better yet, partner with someone who knows exactly how to apply for Vendor Funded Marketing. If you have any questions about Vendor Funded Marketing and need to know if you are eligible, then click here to get in touch with me.


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